You Can Really Choose to be Happy Now

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Why do we spend so much time getting caught up in stress and anxiety over things we can’t do anything about when all we really want is to just be happy? Why not ditch the misery when you can really choose to be happy now.


Why Are We Unhappy?

Recent studies on happiness show that people in today’s society are generally unhappier now than they were 30, 40 or even 50 years ago. According to  studies, this has a lot do to with changes in the economy and quality of life.

Plus, increasing pressures from work and shifting family dynamics such as growth in single parent households and divorce rates can make life more stressed and less fulfilling.

But although these studies show the effects of socio-economic causes of unhappiness, they fail to indicate the underlying and cause of unhappiness in the human psyche. This underlying cause according to the spiritual text, A Course in Miracles is the subconscious individual and collective belief that we are separate from our Source and from each other, leaving us feeling alone and isolated.


Are the “Facts” the Truth?

In Western society, it’s rare that we spend much time as a culture peering below the surface of how we’re affected by our spiritual beliefs as a whole. It’s much easier to boil all of our ills down to money, work, social status, politics or technology.

Unfortunately, when the “world” is seen as the source of our problems, we deny the power of our own decision to choose to be happy now.

In fact, according to the American psychologist Abraham Maslow and his “Hierarchy of Needs” all we need to survive physically is food, water and shelter, but beyond that the requirements to become a fulfilled and happy person are actually very little and include a sense of love, belonging, self-esteem, self-expression and a choice to be happy.


Choose to be Happy Now.

Making the choice for happiness is not brain surgery. It’s simply a matter of willingness; willingness to let go of all the limiting beliefs that we have created to cover up the innate love, peace and joy within us.

For example, when we decide that we’re unhappy because of our job, husband, finances, government, the weather, etc. and that all of these “outside” influences are keeping us down we’ll never be really happy because at the end of the day we have no control to change what’s “out there.”

Yet when we realise that we’re healthy, healed and whole from within, we take back control, own our power and generate our own happiness. We no longer need outside stimuli such as the “right” this, that or the other.

Remember, it may be true there are some things in this world we can’t control, but there is ALWAYS one thing we can control. That’s the power of our own choice.  The real fact is being happy is the most basic right of every human being, and we CAN choose to be happy now.


How happy are you? get the FREE personal happiness handbook here,  or use the simple affirmations below whenever you’re faced with your coice to be happy or not.


Miracles Affirmations:

“I can choose to be happy now.”

“It’s my right to be happy.”

“I can be happy right now.”

“I will not let this thought about —— take away my happiness.”


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