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After turning 40 I learned the hard way that real wellness is more than just any old food and exercise. I wanted to look and feel vibrant, have a clear, focused mind, experience a deeper sense of connection and feel really good about my life and place on this beautiful planet. I finally found it all on a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

As a passionate holistic nutrition & wellness advocate my intention is simple:

To inspire you to eat well and live WHOLE by shifting your perception about food, diets, spirituality and a healthy lifestyle for greater well-being, balance and JOY!

See for yourself how eating simple plant-based foods and making conscious choices for your health and happiness can transform your life so you look and feel your best, at any age!

What is Conscious Eating?

It’s about eating and living in a way that’s in alignment with your mind, body and spirit by consuming nutrient dense, WHOLE and living foods that will clear your head and help your body function at its optimal capacity. It’s also about taking responsibility for your health as well as the health of your family, community and planet. It's all about being present for yourself.

Conscious eating is inspired by the research of Dr. Gabriel Cousens and others who have determined that consuming a diet comprised of whole plant based and “live foods” is associated with the improvement of many diseases including diabetes, depression, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, longevity, vitality and a deep sense of spiritual connection.  

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