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Hi, I'm Cheryl

I'm passionate about plant-based food & WHOLE living

I understand first-hand how challenging it is to struggle with your health, WEIGHT and sense of well-being.

I learned the hard way that real wellness is more than just any old food and exercise. It's eating fresh whole foods, engaging in fulfilling recreation and feeding our SOUL as well as our body.

As a plant based foodie and Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, my intention is simple:

I want to empower you to eat well and live WHOLE by changing your perception about food, diets, lifestyle for greater well-being, balance and JOY.

You'll soon see how enjoying a simple, affordable plant-based diet, along with fun recreation and quality "me time" can make you look and feel your VERY best in no time.

I look forward to sharing this awesome journey with you!

Cheryl Brand Sig





My Story

In the year 2001, at a time when I should have been happy with all my life seemed to offer; a good job, loving family, healthy kids and beautiful home, I realized I was actually overworked, stressed-out, overweight and very unhappy.


Somehow my life had seriously lost all sense of meaning and everyday became a blur of sitting in traffic, running kids around, working long hours at a draining job, greasy pizza deliveries and fast food and never having enough time for myself.


In reality, I just felt trapped by it all. 

But the poop really hit the fan one day when I saw a photo of myself taken from behind at a business meeting. I was wearing a BIG white skirt and it was wrapped around my HUGE ass. I remember thinking…

OMG!!! Who’s that?

At that moment, I knew I was ready for a major change. Soon after, I was determined to lose 30 pounds even if it killed me, so I joined a local gym and put myself on a STRICT diet!!!


In fact, my diet became so strict my family nicknamed me the “Food Nazi.” Plus, I restricted their diets as well. Over time, I eventually lost the weight, which felt great, but I constantly felt like I was training for the Olympics, which was just no fun.


Plus, I didn’t feel any happier and my life was just as chaotic. In fact, my head hurt, my body hurt and I was tired ALL of the time. I was tired of counting calories, tired of getting up at 5:00 am and tired of food and exercise being the focal point of my life!


Deep down I knew it wasn’t sustainable.

Ultimately in addition to losing weight, I wanted to have more energy, greater balance, a sex drive and a clear, focused mind. I had heard some people talking about raw living foods and how eating them could provide us with living energy from the sun.


It sounded great, so I started on a raw foods diet, for a while. Yes I lost weight and felt great, but I also felt hungry all of the time and constantly thought about my next meal... Still I LOVED eating plant based and LOVED the way it made me feel. Not to mention weight loss and maintenance was so easy. But eating totally raw was just too difficult for me.


At last a plan I could LIVE with

I finally had my aha moment when I realized WHOLE and simple, affordable plant-based foods that are basic and easy to prepare are the key! Potatoes, beans, grains and fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, raw and cooked centered around natural, filling ingredients. 


Once I got this right, combined with fun recreation and "me-time" I began to enjoy effortless weight loss, clarity of mind, a sense of overall peace and happiness and even my work and relationships improved.


Now I love waking up in the morning feeling energetic and alert and actually looking forward to the day ahead. Plus, meal planning is easier than ever with no more thawing out frozen foods, or unhealthy expensive take-outs.


I've got to share the GOODNESS!

The fact is, I have benefited so much from a plant-based WHOLE living lifestyle, I love sharing it. I especially love sharing it with other heart-centered people looking for a better way of thinking, feeling and being in their bodies and minds and showing up in their lives.

So if you're ready for an awesome new journey or chapter in life, join me.

Read more about me... I love to share 🙂