Real wellness is more than just food.

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Healthy Miracles 1000

Why You Should Commit to a “Path”

Over the past fifteen years I’ve been a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. Prior to the Course, I was an earnest “seeker” always looking for the next shinier pebble, or the next inspiring book… It took years, but I eventually realised that if I was ever going to make any progress, I…

Green Smoothie 70 percent

Best Green Smoothie Recipe

I LOVE green smoothies and believe they are one of the most nourishing “meals” we can eat. When done right, using fresh organic ingredients, you can get much your of daily intake of phyto-nutrients and protein. Although some people like loads of fruit in their smoothies, I find that only a peice or two is…


Manifest a Life You Love

It may sound amazing, but the average person has over 1,000 thoughts per second. Most of these thoughts take place at the subconscious level otherwise we simply wouldn’t be able to function, but a few of these thoughts seep into our conscious awareness and go on to produce emotions. These emotions can ultimately go in…

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Sheila Joseph

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She is so easy to connect with, and her wisdom is invaluable.”

Mary Longdon
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