Hello, I'm Cheryl.

Are you tired of the pain, guilt and judgment that keep you feeling stuck and struggling with your weight, self-image and lack of connection to your own inner-healing voice?

I believe real wellness is more than just food. It's addressing the emotional, spiritual and psychological blocks that keep you feeling unhealthy and unhappy.

To support you, I offer guidance, motivation, tools and resources to help you to shift into real wellness based on a healing thought system of self-love and forgiveness and YES, good food too!

I call this SHIFT a miracle - It's WHO you are! 

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Green Smoothie 70 percent

Best Green Smoothie Recipe

I LOVE green smoothies and believe they are one of the most nourishing “meals” we can eat. When done right, using fresh organic ingredients, you can get much your of daily intake of phyto-nutrients and protein. Although some people like loads of fruit in their smoothies, I find that only a peice or two is…


Manifest a Life You Love

It may sound amazing, but the average person has over 1,000 thoughts per second. Most of these thoughts take place at the subconscious level otherwise we simply wouldn’t be able to function, but a few of these thoughts seep into our conscious awareness and go on to produce emotions. These emotions can ultimately go in…

Cup with purple flowers

Stop Resisting and Start Living

There is an interesting quote in A Course in Miracles that says, “Have you really considered how many opportunities you have had to gladden yourself and how many of them you have refused?” If you think about it, why do we sometimes actively resist the chance to be happy and how can we stop resisting…

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“Thank you Cheryl. I’m so grateful to have worked with you and feel

that my life has been deeply healed as a result.”

Sheila Joseph

“Cheryl is one of those beautiful honest spirit-filled people

who dishes out the truth in the most loving way.”

Kathy Camp

“Cheryl’s wisdom & knowledge is very apparent and she radiates a wonderful persona.

I truly feel her love and support every time we connect.”

Ruth Thornton

“Cheryl is always extremely available and I value her knowledge and persective tremendously.”

Josie Lyon

“Thank you for your brightness, inspiration and authenticity.

I can truly say you helped change my life for the better!”

Elizabeth Griffin

“I find Cheryl’s enthusiasm for a healthy life contagious.

She is so easy to connect with, and her wisdom is invaluable.”

Mary Longdon
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